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Who said children live what they learn?

Well an American woman named Dorothy Law Nolte first said it in a poem in 1954.



kids learn from their environment

In 1998  she expanded it into a book, co-authored with Rachel Harris, “Children Learn What They Live: Parenting to Inspire Values. 

parenting values

When I look around me today I see parents who are inspiring their children … what is unclear though is, which Values are they actually teaching them?

We all have young toddlers who are stretching the boundaries and trying to find their way in life we all have children who throw tantrums and have a go at smart mouthing we all have teenagers who believe they should have the keys to the city BUT do we do them any favours by giving in?

throwing tantrums

I don’t believe so.

We all want the best for our kids but are we thinking of ourselves when we give in to their demands OR are we thinking of them?


 it is much easier

in the short term

to give in and stop the whinging and whining


 in the long term all we are doing is setting them up to learn

that this is all they need to do to get their way

and as they get older they just get worse (or better at it eh)

As a teacher I taught my students that to remove their caps when they entered the room was a sign of respect and showed they were there to listen and learn. It usually took about 2-3 weeks for this to become a habit. Other teachers would say “…we only have them for 40mins so why waste 20 of them fighting over a hat? …” These same teachers had trouble every day in every class with the students not listening and playing up in class. They blamed the students and the parents and the community. They never took the time to find out that a little hard work and persistence in the beginning paid out in positive results in the long term.

Yes in the beginning it takes hard work and it can be tiring to stay consistent


when the end result is a child with manners and respect who lives by positive Values then surely it is all worth while.

When you can look on and see that the job

(YES it IS a JOB)

you have done has provided your child with all the tools they need to go out in the world and succeed at whatever it is they choose to do

then you KNOW you have actually been a parent who has LIVED what your children needed to learn

You are deserving of the title PARENT

You have taken your responsibility seriously

You have realised that it is not a RIGHT to be a parent but a PRIVILEGE 

and you were honoured to raise your children well.

I try hard to do a good job these days.

I consider I have learned many lessons along the way.

I try to make sure I do not make the same mistake twice.

I want to leave my children with a legacy of positive values free thinking


the ability to succeed in whatever they choose to do with their life.



Share this post and help our children!
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