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It’s quite simple to

be a part of the solution

rather than staying part of the problem


Check out this post by Michael Anderson titled

Can an Aboriginal school break the vicious circle?


Like Michael

You simply make a decision

to DO something tangible

so that the following statistics can be changed!


Click Here to See Shocking Statistics

 (In Gratitude to Creative Spirits for their contribution)


The reality is is that these statistics are on the conservative side

because it is so hard to get correct numbers

within our communities

and part of that is when schools tend to

“fudge” the results of surveys

so the government

doesn’t withdraw much needed funds from them.


So in order to Empower our children

I decided the time has come for me to be a part of the solution

in a much more creative way.


What I have attempted to do by myself in the past

has been limited to what I could do personally as one person


now I have decided to become a catalyst for the solution

and to fully focus my life going forward from this moment 

onto my Vision


But first let me share my Dream with you … 


I have a Dream:

To provide a place of safety and wellbeing for our children

to be able to heal from past hurts

and learn how to take charge of their own future

in regards to mental and physical health

and to gain an education that will empower them

to move out into our society

as  productive and well-adjusted human beings.


I have a Dream:

To provide a learning environment that allows for

the particular learning needs they have

and that takes into account

their emotional intelligence

as well as

their academic intelligence.


I have a Dream:

To provide people to work with the students

who believe in this philosophy completely

and understand the importance of its success

in regards to the children’s lives into the future.


I have a Dream:

To educate the government on the best and most productive way

to solve the issues

related to our Aboriginal community

rather than their past efforts

of throwing away money at the wrong people.


I have a Dream:

To educate the government

in listening to the children

and realising that to stop the cycle from continuing

we need to break it with the re-education of our kids.

We need to 


to take responsibility for their own lives

and to make their lives worthwhile.

Lives that will be the start of a whole new generation

where they get back their pride and dignity

and people look up to them as leaders in our country.




I have a Dream that I Believe in

 deep in my being and now the only thing left

is to Create it! 


My name is Cheree Stokes and I am an Aboriginal woman

whose family roots go back to Arnhem Land and the Kimberleys

through my father who was a child of the Stolen Generation.


I have been raised in NSW and later in life went to University

to get a teaching degree in an effort to give back to our children

in a way I felt could empower them to live more productive and longer lives.


I have four children and 17 grandchildren

and I currently raise two of my granddaughters.


I am a qualified teacher who has worked

in communities in the NT and QLD and far west NSW.


I am a mother and a grandmother.


I am someone who NEEDS to make a difference

in the lives of our children for the future of our people!


I have long had a Dream to create a place of Healing

for our young ones who grow up with very little hope for the future.

A place where they CAN become Empowered.


A place where they can be educated in a manner that allows them to learn. 


I am a registered business owner already

and I am using my business to generate and promote this Vision

- this Dream -

I KNOW I can do this

and I certainly know it is needed desperately.


I will be looking to build the first centre in NSW

as this is where I am currently residing

but after that

I see at least one in every state if not more.


These centres will have everything the children need in one place

including physical and mental health and education facilities

along with it being a self-sufficient and sustainable living centre

where the children will be able to learn physical skills

along with their academic needs.


They will learn pride and build their dignity

by being an integral part of their community at these centres.


They will learn how to live for the present

and not use the pains of the past

to excuse their behaviour or possible addictions.


They will become Empowered

and the endless cycle will finally be able to be broken

allowing them to move into society

as well functioning adults

who will raise their own children in their NEW image.


We cannot change the past


we CAN learn from it


move on to a better future.



 on this journey


be a part of the solution!


Just COMMENT below

or email

for more information


Share this post and help our children!
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Empower Our Children

To provide a Place of Healing and Education for the Aboriginal children of Australia where they can live in safety and learn how to empower themselves to live a productive life inspiring others who come after them to do the same.

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