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Do you need Parenting help? 

Why you should listen to your 3yr old … 


I don’t watch a lot of television in fact we don’t have normal tv reception connected to the house. That means when we do with something it is because we have chosen exactly what it is and we do want to watch it. Television isn’t on for the sake of it and we probably only watch a couple of hours each week.


Today I watched a movie about something that made me cry a lot.

Damaged kids.

In a house where they were put until they either turned 18 or were considered “cured”and went back to live with either their own family or a foster one. The young adults looking after these kids were damaged themselves in a way but they were perfect for the job because they knew what these kids were going through. they understood why they couldn’t or wouldn’t talk. they knew what they needed to do to get past their fears and trauma because they had been there.

Short Term 12

I still feel like crying and all I know is that I need to get this down somehow and share how it made me feel and how much I want to do for these kids.

How much I want to help them and how little most people in positions to do something rarely do … because they are only in it for a job or to earn a wage. They have mostly never been through anything close to what the kids go through and therefore can never make the right decisions for them – and yet they are given that power.

Once in another life I had some extra children in my care and made reports to the relevant agency when things were disclosed to me. I still remember this man looking at me and telling me that it wasn’t necessarily true – that I was putting my own past onto these little girls. Turns out a couple of years later, he was charged with abusing kids on is casebook. Karma eh. But at the time it really hurt and left me feeling extremely powerless because I knew what he said wasn’t true and my past is what allowed these children to talk to me and for them to trust me.

Its like a bond that is just known.

Something that is felt not said.

Maybe it’s just that it allows me to have the empathy to listen.

Are you listening to your children? Are you listening to your 3yr old?

Do you actually hear what they are trying to tell you?

It may not be something as bad as the children in the movies went through but do you listen anyway?!

But children know when we are blowing them off and then – eventually – they just stop talking to us.

So how can we be caring parents who are raising kids who share their feelings and concerns if we have taught them that we don’t actually care or don’t actually have time to listen to them?

Are you a parent who needs help? Why should you listen to your 3yr old?

Because if you take the time TODAY to really listen to your little ones … no matter how silly it may seem … they will grow up knowing you really do care about what they say and then one day when someone tries to get them to do the wrong thing – you will be the FIRST person they want to share this with!

That’s when you know you have done the right thing and raised your child well. 

That’s when you know why you should listen to your 3yr old!

Share this post and help our children!
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