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Who remembers how much fun it was to play make believe?

 I sure do!

And these days I have the most beautiful excuse to do so …

…. my grandchildren!

Click the picture to hear how much fun it is to be woken early …


I take pride in the knowledge that I was around enough to teach my youngest granddaughter how to pretend. It all started …. (suspenseful music)

When she used to say goodnight to us holding her Teddy and Blanket I would get Ted and pretend he didn’t want to let me go and then do the same with Blanky lol so much fun eh

Then shortly after this Vashti decided to have Blanky fight her to the ground because he wouldn’t let go of her! And it all began from there ….


She has a great mum and siblings who also go along with her make believe games


they have pretty good imaginations themselves.

Sad to say the great majority of children these days have no need to grow their imaginations – their parents have taken away the need for this by providing young toddlers and children with all the technology to do their thinking for them … it’s very sad when you think of all the skills they are not able to build for their future success in life.

My grandchildren though are already showing that their imaginative skills have given them more than they need to succeed with whatever they set out to do. They love school and do extremely well with their academic studies and also are gifted young sports people who show a strong sense of sportsmanship and fair play.


I’m just a little proud of them all!

And I certainly value the role I play in modelling from my own life how we can change our future to be the one we want – by starting my own online business when I could no longer work conventionally – helping to show them that when life throws us shit we turn it into compost!

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to see how


Do it NOW

and enjoy your life

by spending it

with the ones you love

instead of

the ones you don’t.

Share this post and help our children!
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