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Are you a “DO” or a “DON’T”?

My mum was a “Don’t” but I am most definitely a “Do”

I LOVE being a grandparent!

When my first grandchild was born I was at University getting my teaching degree and I remember telling strangers in shops I was so proud! The most common response I got back was “…no way! you look far too young to be a grandmother!…”

I loved it I’d happily tell them my age only to have them tell me again how young I looked. It made me feel awesome eh


I love being a grandparent 

Then I think of my mum – who didn’t want to be called grandma and didn’t like people knowing her age and growled me for making her one before she was ready. If she only knew how much better it was to tell the truth because look what happened when I did eh

I’ve never cared about my age – the age I am is the age I am

I don’t wish I were younger

I’m happy to be older

The way I look at it is  … the older I am the more I get away with eh

and the older I am the more grandchildren I have to enjoy!

I love being a grandparent

My grandchildren make me happy to be alive.

I get to be the parent I wanted to be without all the hassles and worry

I’m old enough to know that the housework can go hang while we look in the garden or play with the ponies

Who cares how we look or how dirty we get while we go on a bushwalk?

It’s so much more exciting to see all the rocks and insects and funny shaped leaves eh

How precious they are and how lucky I am to have them in my life!

And how lucky I am to have a business that allows me the time to do all those things with them.

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